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Agustus - Collection

As reflected in ancient jewelry, each piece is completely handcrafted using ancient techniques creating a look of antiquity. People of some of the oldest civilizations in the world: Etruscan, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Roman and Byzantium civilizations have inspired designs of Agustus. AGUSTUS-Collection echoes the symbolic balance of ancient treasures and modern times.


Having our own design studio in Bali, AGUSTUS-Collection has a modern appreciation for balance and purity of form. The result is a collection of jewelry that is uniquely sophisticated, creatively adorned, contemporary, yet timeless. Our Balinese goldsmith inherited ancient skills from their grandfathers and fathers over the centuries. Each individual bezel, each bead, each component, is skillfully crafted. Our designers capture the history of gold, bringing to you this unique blend of cultures.

The Designer

AGUSTUS-Collection is a rebirth of an old collaboration between the designer and his Balinese friends. The designer adopted the island of Bali as his home, creating unique art trends in jewelry for the past 28 years. The collection began in the month of August 2000. Augustus is the birth month of the designer; Agustus is the Balinese word for the month of August. He wanted to create a new meaningful venture to celebrate the gift Bali has given to him.

Pure Gold

High karat Gold is the muse and the basis of this collection. The intense yellow color reminds us of the spectacular and precious archeological jewelry that can be seen in museums worldwide.

Gemstones & Pearls

We source our precious gems and genuine pearls from all over the world. We personally hand select only the highest qualities on our travels to remote places, to create these wonderful treasures. AGUSTUS-Collection takes pride in you receiving pearls and gemstones that only increase in value with time.

Unique and Timeless

Fusing inspiration from ancient cultures, as well as from exotic and classical designs, makes each piece in this collection accessible, elegant and contemporary.

Because each element of gold is handcrafted and every precious gemstone and pearl is carefully handpicked, no two pieces in the collection are exactly alike.

Jewelry of AGUSTUS-Collection is truly a unique experience. Wear it for an elegant occasion, in the office or with your jeans - jewelry has never been so classic, but yet with a touch of individuality.

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